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10 Yoga Instructions

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Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word named yuj which means ‘union’, it originated in India more than 7,000 years ago. There are several forms of yoga instructions, but in general, yoga usually concentrates on breathing methods or pranayama, postures or asanas, flexibility as well as meditation dhyana. It is a spiritual linking between mind, body, and spirit.

Practicing Yoga

Yoga offers benefits to all practitioners, whether you practice once a week or twice or daily. It increases both mind and body connection, body flexibility, power, balance, and coordination as well as acts as a stress reliever. It not only increases flexibility but it also helps in proper blood circulation and can build up muscles.

These yoga benefits can help in arthritis, heart problems, circulatory and, as well as promote weight loss. Practicing Yoga can also help you to categorize your thoughts, and lessen your daily stress levels.

Many of us may feel that Yoga is a difficult practice as most of us are not that flexible. This idea is a long-held myth. Anyone who is ready to devote a little time and hard work to Yoga will get many benefits from this practice.

Important instruction before starting yoga:

  1. The best time to perform yoga is early in the morning. It is recommended to practice before breakfast. If you are practicing at any other time it should be performed on empty stomach i.e. 3 hours after the previous meal.
  2. It is recommended that you can have a heavy meal after 4 hours of practice or have light snacks 15 minutes after the session.
  3. Yoga is meant to be practiced every day without fail preferably at the same time.
  4. Try and wear as loose clothes as possible for you. It is important that you should be comfortable in whatever you wear to be able to stretch properly.
  5. Remove contact lenses and glasses while practicing
  6. It’s important to empty your bladder before practice
  7. Avoid practice yoga during menstrual periods
  8. It is essential to do a warm-up session before your yoga sessions.
  9. While practicing yoga don’t be absent-minded. It should be practiced with full concentration.
  10. Practice yoga in a properly ventilated room having plenty of sunlight

Before you start with yoga there is certain yoga instruction which needs to be followed, therefore it’s been recommended to practice under the guidance of a good trainer. Above given information on Yoga instructions with help, you get started on a positive note.