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Yoga Poses

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Facts about Yoga Poses:


Everyone can practice yoga poses alone or combine quite a few postures into an exercise flow known as vinyasa. The Yoga trainer suggests a series of 12 essential postures before taking on the more demanding vinyasas.

These 12 postures, in the order you must practice them, include the Sukhasana, the Dog pose and Cat pose, Head to Knee, Warrior II, Tadasana, Uttanasana, the Triangle, Cobra, Downward Facing Dog pose, the Half Shoulderstand, the Bridge and the Corpse.

Three types of vinyasas the Yoga trainer mentions include a grouping of 12 postures that builds up the Sun Salutation, 12 that make up the Triangle and Warrior II and 22 postures that jointly make up the Great Salutation.


Make sure you talk with your doctor before you practice yoga postures, particularly if you have a poor health condition such as the problem of high blood pressure. Once you start, make sure you wear loose clothes that do not control movement or blood flow.

Timing is also significant, as yoga postures have a huge effect, according to Yoga trainer, when you practice yoga for an hour after you wake up in the morning or before your lunch. Whichever time you opt, you can ensure blood flow concentrates on the areas you aim by working out in an empty stomach and by not taking a warm bath immediately after practicing.

Powerful movements:

Most of the workouts activity needs the body to make fast powerful movements. They have frequent actions, which frequently lead to stress and exhaustion. These practices, on the other hand, entail movements, which bring firmness and energy in your body, senses, mentality, and awareness. Your mind and body then work jointly and energy is equally balanced between the two.

No other form of exercise so completely involves the mind and spirit with the body, resulting in total well-being. Other forms of work out address only particular organs of the body. Yoga is a kind of mental gym when you practice yoga.

The merging of yogic stretching in combination with other types of work out will help in reducing the potential ailments that may take place over time from these other forms of work out.

For staying healthy practicing of yoga is very necessary. It will not only make you healthy physically but at the same time, it will make you strong mentally.