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Tantra Yoga

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Tantra yoga is a yoga form with a holistic approach that studies the universe from an individual perspective. The main objective of this yoga type remains is allowing practical means of realizing the highest philosophy ideals in day-to-day life.

Many consider Tantra yoga as a practice including black magic, sex, and witchcraft. However, the fact remains that it is not true. In fact, this yoga follows a tent that sexual feelings and contact are not just acceptable but instead could be great in the way of enlightenment. This completely differs from the rest yoga paths that state sexual involvement could prove to be damaging.

There are an array of theories about Tantra revealing and talking about the true meaning and the real purpose of this yoga practice. However, the bottom line remains that it promotes enlightenment and personal growth. It includes various sciences like astronomy, astrology, numerology, mathematics, physics, geometry, chemistry and more. Therefore, achieving the goals could differ.

To start practicing this yoga, it is important to locate a qualified yoga teacher with whom you could be comfortable too. It could be a little difficult locating a teacher, but it s important as the spiritual fulfillment totally depends on this. Once the teacher is located, one needs to understand the real meaning, theory, requirements, and purpose for practicing this yoga before jump starting to practice various Tantra yoga poses.

Practicing Tantra Yoga

In order to practice Tantra yoga, it is best to shower and cleanse one’s body. Ensure to focus on practice of yoga poses without having any sorts of interruptions. The beginners could start off with basic poses and a good teacher would be able to guide and teach to practice all poses the right way.

Seated Twist Pose

Perform this pose as way to way in order to warm spine and using one another for deepening flexibility and connection. Be seated in a comfortable position with each other’s knees touching. Sit up erect with a straight back, chest pushed forward and shoulders back with chin facing downwards so as to allow head crown reaching the sky.

Next, place the left arm back while extending right arm and expecting the partner to do the same. Grab hold of partner’s left hand with the right while offering a left hand to partner’s right. This would twist bodies and twist further as much possible, ensuring partners comfort level. Staying in constant communication could further help in twisting while staying comfortable. It could be repeated by switching sides.

Warrior I Pose

The Warrior poses encourages constant eye contact with the partner to further help better and deeper connections. It can be practiced by standing straight on toes while touching feet to the ground. Then stretch left feet back, turning the toe about 45 degrees. Further, bend knees from the front and straighten spines. Drop shoulders little backward, square hips against one another while raising arms in the air. And repeat the same on another side.

Boat Pose

Boat pose helps in strengthening of the abdomen with some assistance from the partner of course. It could be practiced by being seated while facing one another and legs in front with knees bent. Move ahead and place soles against the partner’s soles and hold on to his / her hands. Now lean back and then push feet against your partner’s. Slowly again straighten legs and ensure the soles are still touching. In order to deepen the connection and stretch, bend knees and move legs apart with feet touching. Then straighten the knees with legs on the outside of the arms.

Some other poses include – Bhujang asana (snake pose). Ardha kurmak asana (half tortoise), Yogas asana (self-massaging pose) and Shav asana (corpse pose). Furthermore, it is important to practice the right breathing techniques too.

Benefits Of Tantra Yoga

It helps to overcome all bad habits including smoking, excessive drinking, overeating, and others. Further, it can help expand consciousness to aid in the process of giving up self- destructive habits.