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What Is Zen Yoga?

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Practicing Zen yoga has several benefits to offer. It helps in calming mind, reducing stress, improvises physical and mental health, promotes peace and vitality, and increases clarity. So, what is zen yoga? Philosophy of Zen yoga helps in healing body and mind from within.

It is all about being in the moment and being in touch. It is basically based on harmonizing of mind and body via balancing of elements. The five elements include – mental clarity, emotional serenity, inner peace, physical wellness, and greater vitality.

Understanding Zen

Practicing Zen yoga is important and this holistic approach to wellness could bring an array of health benefits. Stress allied illnesses top as the reason for death in the West. Increasingly the sedentary lifestyle in the modern day has prompted many to seek physical and mental health. Zen yoga combines both mental awareness and physical movement.

Scientific and technological advancements have led to an increased life expectancy, but not quality. Therefore, practicing yoga and making it a part of life could further help in improvising life quality. Many are found to have taken wellness in their hands and instead of laying focus on physical fitness, they are found to be seeking for complete wellness, health, and healing approach for ensuring longevity.

Zen yoga is based on breathing exercises and peaceful stretching. The yoga practice encourages going at one’s own pace and doing what suits one’s unique needs, as everyone is unique. Understanding how our body functions are important.

Zen yoga is based on energized breathing and moving philosophy on Tai Chi Chinese Qigong. Qigong is an ancient breathing practice that fills the body with energy and oxy rich blood whereas Tai Chi could be expressed best as moving meditation. It is graceful and the flowing moments further encourages energy circulation.

Furthermore, Zen yoga incorporates mental serenity that could be achieved by the way of meditation. By learning how to keep calm all flowing thoughts that are running across the mind helps thinking with better insight and clarity. Yoga is a lot more than just a set of exercises. Practicing yoga creates vitality, flexibility, and peace of mind via integration of mind, body, and spirit.

Benefits Of Zen Yoga

Modern day life is mostly characterized by hectic economic and social activity. Stress is generated as concentration is frustrated and energy gets sapped. Exercising is put back as most are caught up with things that demand more attention. However, it seeks to reverse the flow. It has an array of benefits to offer its practitioners.

The range of benefits include stress relief, improvised concentration, and blood circulation, increased will power, mindfulness, the release of impurities and toxins and promote restful sleep. Zen yoga practice isn’t any aggressive physical workout. On the contrary, it seeks a challenge to realize potential by simply moving, stretching and breathing at one’s own pace.

Zen yoga is known as a stress buster, as it relieves stress easily and provides a relaxed feeling. It further helps in calming the body with breathing techniques being an important aspect.

Practicing Zen Yoga Under Guidance

Practicing involves mudras, bandha, and pranayama and acts useful for maintaining overall health. In order to learn this yoga style, it is best to seek yoga centers. The trained and certified teachers at these centers are sure to teach the yoga enthusiast on how to learn and practice yoga the best way. Meditation techniques for chakras too are helpful.

Each meditation has been designed in order to help meet a particular purpose. There are various colors associated with all chakras that help in rejuvenating and replenishing. Finding out on own could be a little daunting and thus, seeking help from professional training on meditation techniques could help reach higher levels of meditation.

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