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Why Is Yoga Important?

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Yoga Wisdom

Ever wondered why yoga is considered important? Yoga successfully brings out best within, isolating ego from within by the means of pure self-realization and knowledge. Yoga is thought of as a great connecting tool between body, mind, and soul without considering them as separate entities.

Furthermore, it unites on a spiritual level. It’s best not to construe yoga between body, mind and soul. One is certain to realize eternal divine at later stages of yoga practice. However, this transition is going to be a gradual one and cannot possibly happen at faster pace.

The word yoga has been derived from ‘Yuj’ which translates as to join, to concentrate. Yoga is considered as a union of the self with true self and referred to as Atma. The root cause for all sufferings and sorrows lay in one’s inability to be able to connect with the true self. This is mostly due to ignorance of self reestablishing contract with the inmost self.

Attaining Self-Knowledge

Yoga prescribes various paths for attaining self-knowledge, depending on individual physical as well as mental dispositions. One certainly cannot be on a path just because of constant indulgence into little activities like meditation, contemplation, devotion, and action.

However, most are instead found to be more inclined towards the path that is a manifestation of karmas. The ultimate goal of any chosen path remains self-liberation, freeing oneself from the bondage of mind and realization of true identity.

Experience of yoga further leads to yoga wisdom. Wise is found not to be attached to results of actions as they believe in surrendering fruits to the divine. This unconditional surrender is possible only when the ego is let go. If the mind isn’t trained well enough to function letting go of ego, chances are it may return anytime.

Gyana Is Wisdom

Gyana is wisdom, the goal of knowledge and learning. At one level, it’s higher awareness that is gleaned from experiences of life. As most go through hard knocks in life, all learn, grow and understand even more.

On a higher, deeper level, wisdom emerges from within as fruit of revelations of soul. All posses’ wisdom on the soul level, but it remains undiscovered as most lack discrimination, and are ego-centered and restless.

Wisdom arises when the quality of being starts to grow strong within the mind. It comes in principle as resultant of mental clarity and some higher level understandings that in turn manifest itself in wisdom. Just like Yin and Yang, there aren’t any easy answers to wisdom either. As the mind grows upon, a better understanding could be developed.

Understanding Awareness

A further understanding of internal self and all external things too could be achieved. Through better understanding, one can also develop a better sense of awareness. One ’s self could be broken into three parts – physical, conscious and subconscious. Understanding and awareness of these could be developed to a higher level. And wisdom could be described as a higher state of mind.

When the light of consciousness is placed into mind then wisdom is produced and the understanding becomes knowing. This is a specific knowing kind that doesn’t relate to the external physical and psychological world, but the inner self. At this level, wisdom could enlarge awareness.

Elevate State Of Compassion

Furthermore, at the higher levels, feelings that the wisdom generates elevate stated of compassion, kindness, patience, universal love, tolerance, and many more similar virtues. In turn, this produces the body to get even more positively charged up. Individuals living in a negative state are never to be able to attain the level of wisdom.

The expressed feelings are taken away in opposite directions that eventually leads to despair and disease. Wisdom cannot be simply acquired at University, but it can be only acquired through within. It’s a journey of understanding and enlightenment and is never-ending. It produces feelings of ease and control.