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Yoga for Relaxation

Real relaxation could be experienced via mind and body when very little or no energy at all is consumed. It’s the nature’s recharging way. As every conscious, unconscious and actions use up stored sources of energy, yoga for relaxation is important to achieve good health and mental peace.

However, without having sufficient relaxation of mind and body, one cannot expect to stay in good shape as the body and mind are going to be inefficient and overworked. A regular yoga regime can certainly help the body benefit great way.

Understanding relaxation yoga

Many are found to be reaping benefits from relaxation yoga poses. Yoga for relaxation can help practitioners relax and by relaxing, one can heal and relieve stress. Most of the researches are found to be conducted on Hatha yoga. This yoga type helps in reducing stress and is found to be beneficial while coping with various diseases. It is a known fact that stress causes an increased blood pressure and has various consequences on health. Of all yoga types, Hatha yoga is thought to be a great choice for stress management. Moreover, practicing Hatha yoga helps in reducing blood pressure levels via relaxation effect of various poses. When relaxation gets activated, heart beat rate too slows down and blood pressure levels as well as breathing rate too decreases. Moreover, the body turns on natural healing.

Relaxation yoga types

Physical relaxation yoga:

Some yoga forms help in increasing body’s energy, but it could prove useless if one continues to waste energy when it isn’t imperative to use. Some believe that the muscles are trained in a way that it is highly difficult to relax even during the night. Thus, there is a constant drainage of energy. The yoga asanas are the techniques that help in retaining muscles that aid in relaxation. Regular yoga practitioners are often found to be saying that they do not need more sleep and yet feel refreshed at the end of a typical work day. This is mainly because when they hit the bed, they immediately fall sound asleep. A good sleep could help rejuvenate mind and body, but dreamy state and a light sleep could use up all energy that should have been conserved instead during sleep hours.

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Mental relaxation yoga:

When the mind is constantly worked up all the time, it gets overloaded and thus exhausted. Most are unaware of doing so but while worrying and thinking, one is using up huge amounts of energy. Tension due to worrying could use up much more energy than any physical work. When the worry level gets out of control, the energy resources get strained and mental fatigue sets in. Furthermore, this results into wear and tear of the mind as well as body. Therefore, it is ideal to set aside some time for unwinding and restoring.

On experiencing mental tension or excursion, one may try breathing in slowly and rhythmically for sometime while laying concentration on the breath. The yogic breathing exercises could call for some efforts, but help develop ability to calm mind by simply using thought power. This further leads to experiencing inner peace, physical relaxation followed by mental relaxation.

Spiritual relaxation:

Physical and mental relaxation comes with inner tuning to some higher source. As long as one can identify the mind and body, most think one cannot rely on anything but oneself. Tensions and worries are sure to come along in the future too. By tuning to divine source helps bring a realization that happiness could be achieved from within. Yoga practicing gives techniques for inner awakening, enabling the practitioners to break boundaries that separate from one another also from our self.

Check out this YouTube video below for a 15 minute relaxing yoga class by Expand with Nina: