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Yoga Benefits For Menstruation & Cramps

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Yoga Benefits For Menstruation & Cramps

Most of the women once in their lifetime face menstrual or period problems. Yoga is one of the best ways to cure menstrual delays. We will give you an idea to know which yoga postures can help to deal with delayed menstruation and also yoga can help you get menstrual pain relief from cramps.

Menstrual cycle:

Main causes of Menstrual disorder:

Menstruation is defined as the end of female’s 27 day menstrual cycle. A woman cycles start between thickening of the uterine walls, ovulation and finally lead to menstruation, which occurs as the uterus wall is being redundant. This cycle doesn’t take place if the woman is pregnant. There may be different other reason for delayed menstruation which include hormonal dis-balance as our all bodily functions are controlled by hormones. High levels of hormones would cause trouble with normal body functions

There are several reasons why menstrual problems get delayed and cause unbearable abdomen pain or stiffness of muscles. The main causes of this problem may be practicing of heavy workouts, cardio exercises, loss in weight, changes in the diet plan, excessive pressure at work, etc. These activities bring several changes in a woman’s body. As per nature’s rule, if any changes take place in your body, it has to respond in some way or the other to such changes. Postponed menstruation or menstrual trouble is one of the ways in which women’s body reacts to these changes.

Benefits of yoga during Menstrual days.

Practicing yoga is one of the best ways of correcting menstrual problems or delays. There are many ways of curing menstrual delays. However, most of the women like to correct such menstrual problems by practicing yoga. Yoga is preferred by many women as it is considered as one of the natural ways of curing menstrual problems.

Different yoga poses you can practice if you are facing problems during menstruation:

Frog Yoga Pose for Menstruation

Frog pose is very similar to Butterfly pose, the Frog pose helps to improve your blood circulation and at the same time helps to opens up the hips and groins.

How to practice it:

  • Sit comfortably with your legs beneath pelvis, knees should be pointed out to the sides and toes should be pointed inward just like a Butterfly pose.
  • Now lean forward onto a pillow to support your torso.
  • Now lie down in the same position and breathe for five minutes.

Supta Virasana For Your Period Cramps

If you have problems with upset stomach during menstruation, this particular pose can actually help. It also helps to improve blood circulation and help to tone your thigh muscles, which tend to feel stiff during your period.

How to practice it:

  • First sit comfortably with your shins pointing outside your thighs and your toes should be pointed behind you.
  • Now lie down and support your torso with a bolster.
  • Stay like this position for at least 30 deep breaths.

If you are really tired of painful Menstrual days then your worries end here. Yoga is the best and natural way to get rid of all the problems.