5 Yoga Poses To Open Your Third Eye

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5 Yoga Poses To Open Your Third Eye

If you are like many intuitive people, you know the importance of our pineal gland (third eye) and the connection it has to our spirituality and a better understanding of life.

There are actual yoga poses that help stimulates your third eye and help you activate it. You may be wondering how can I open my third eye with yoga? Below you will find 5 Yoga poses to open your third eye.

Your Intuition

We all have a six sense and once your third eye is activated you heighten this sense and you are open to receive the answers you seek. Therefore, your third eye can help you access your inner wisdom and psychic abilities. Your third eye may have you see things different like Wayne Dyer’s Quote:

yoga to open your third eye

Gratefully, we have tools & resources that can help us. Practicing these 5 yoga poses to open your third eye, will help you stimulate and activate your third eye if you practice with the intention to open your third eye and use these yoga poses in your daily life.

5 Yoga Poses

Child’s Pose-Balasana

When practicing this pose make sure your forehead is directly on the mat, this is how you stimulate your third eye. Stay in this position for 5 or more minutes and take deep breathes making sure to relax your entire body.


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Forward Bend-Ardha Uttanansa

This pose helps you relax your head, release your neck and hang in this position for a few minutes. Maintain your eyes closed and take deep breathes as you completely relax in this pose.

Candle Gaze-Trataka

In this posture, you can sit in easy pose or hero’s pose. Light up a candle in front of you and gently gaze at it. If your eyes wander, gently bring yourself to the burning flame and focus on it. Breath normal and do this for 5- 10 minutes every day. This practice encourages deep inner focus and stimulates your third eye to open and activate. It’s a powerful practice.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold-Prasarita Padottanasana

To set up for this pose widen your feet and hinge from your hips, not your waist, place your hand on the floor and relax your head, take deep breaths and see if you can go a little deeper. Use a block to support your head, if needed. Stay in this pose for a few minutes.

Seated Forward Fold-Paschimottanasana

Sit with a straight spine and legs straight in front of you. Gently walk your way forward as you fold, take a deep breath to see if you can sink in a bit deeper and hold this pose for a few minutes. This pose stimulates your third eye because of the moving forward action as you gaze. It also increases blood circulation in your face which helps to activates your third eye.

5 Yoga Poses To Open Your Third Eye


5 Yoga Poses To Open Your Third Eye

Well there, now you have it. Practice these daily and watch what will unfold in your life. Most importantly, the third eye is known as Anja in Sanskrit which means to perceive beyond. There are many amazing benefits to opening your third eye and it can lead to wonderful new experiences in your reality.