Which Chakra Is Blocked? Take The Quiz

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Chakras are our 7 energy centers that allow the circulation of life energy. The meaning of Chakra in Sanskrit is wheel. When any of your Chakra is blocked, the wheel is not efficiently turning and it’s blocking the energy to flow properly through your body. Which Chakra is blocked? This Quiz will help you find out instantly.

In order for our bodies to work at it’s highest capacity, all 7 Chakras need to be balanced so that it can allow the energy to flow through you. This Chakra test is short and fun and based on your answers it will help you determine which chakra is off balance so that you can work on it now.

Take this quiz and find out now which chakra is not balanced and be on your way to the best version of you! Share your results with a friend.

Will Balancing My Chakras Help Me?

Absolutely, if you are experience money blocks, love blocks, creativity blocks and other types of blocks in your life you can help yourself by addressing your energy centers.

How Can I Balance My Chakras?

Thankfully we have many tools and resources to help us unblock a chakra. Many people commonly use:

  • Yoga Practice
  • Meditation
  • Chanting
  • Crystal Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Mudras

You can also check out this class Chakra Meditation with Alanna Kaivalya to help you balance your energy centers. There is a video preview you can watch, in total it is a 20-minute class.

“A meditation to align and connect you with your chakras, this practice will guide you through each of the seven energy centers with breath, visualization and mantra. Use this meditation practice to go inward and establish a sense of each of the seven energetic centers of the body. This practice is great for anytime of day, and for any level of practitioner.” Yoga Download. 

Chakra Healing Meditation
Click Here for This Chakra Meditation Class

Customer are saying about this meditation class:


“I was a bit skeptical about the ” musical” accompaniment but I am glad I didn t let that put me off. This was both cleansing and uplifting. A truly wonderful experience. Thank you.” By Lynda

” A very easy to follow practice of chakra alignment, useful to combat stresses and bring us back to awareness of our centres. By Angela

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If you are interested in understanding Chakras better read this blog post where Chakras are explained in detail. Understanding your chakras is key to living a well-balanced life. Each chakra is broken down and explained, everything from location, the color associated with it and how to know when it is unbalanced.

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