What Are Chakras?

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If you are interested in Yoga, Law Of Attraction or Spirituality you have probably come across the word “chakra”. You may be thinking what are chakras and are they real?

If you go to a doctor and ask them to check your chakras to make sure it is functioning properly, you may get a weird look as they can’t be seen with the physical eyes and many people in the west doubt the existences of these chakras.

Chakra History

The word Chakra means wheel in the language of Sanskrit. Chakras originated in the east from Hinduism & Buddhism. We have 7 chakras starting from the base of our tail bone and run up all the way to the top of our head.

Similar to meridian lines in Chinese culture, your chakras are energy forces that is believed to affect our personality, life circumstances and even can show up in physical manifestation through pain or disease.

Chakras are believed to be embedded in our bodies and govern aspects of your life and personality. Chakras are linked to certain emotions, colors and physical symptoms. The chakras are believed to be the path to a life well lived and to help you achieve Nirvana or Enlightenment.

In addition, they are also known as our 7 energy centers, this is more modernly accepted in the present moment. Now that scientist is giving credibility to “the field” and “quantum field” which are invisible energy fields that relate to our lives.

It’s exciting to know that scientific proof explains and show us that just because we can’t see something with our naked eyes it does not mean it does not exist.

Are Chakras Real?

Consider this, our ears can’t hear a dog whistle, but we know the sounds exist even though our level of hearing does not pick up on it. Another note, we obviously know that oxygen is real even though we can’t see it, it is what keeps us alive, but it is not something you can touch with your physical hands.  

The point is even though you can’t perceive something with our physical senses, it does not mean it isn’t there. Your Chakra system is very real and it is important to pay notice than when they are blocked or not active because it can be the very key that may be holding you back in some aspect of your life.

Our 7 Chakras
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Chakras Explained

Each chakra is understood to help your emotions, organs, and immune system. They each have their own energy frequency, colors, and food. When your chakras are flowing energy probably you will have great emotional physical and spiritual health. You will experience and overall sense of wellbeing.


  • Located at the base of the spine
  • Element is earth
  • Sense: Smell
  • Color: Red
  • Connected to our feeling of safety, money and primal survival instincts


  •               Located at Lower Abs
  •               Element is water
  •               Sense: Taste
  •               Color: Orange
  •               Connected  to our creativity, relationships, and sexuality

Solar Plexus-Manipura:

  •            Located above the belly button
  •            Element: Fire
  •            Sense: Sight
  •            Color: Yellow
  • Connected to our motivation, ego and our impulse


  •               Located center of the chest
  •               Element: Air
  •               Sense: Touch
  •               Color: Green
  •               Connected to Love & Compassion


  •               Located at our throat
  •               Element: Ether
  •               Sense: Sound
  •               Color: Blue
  •               Connected to our expression, communication, and emotions.

Third Eye-Anja:

  •               Located between our eyebrows
  •               Element: Light
  •               Sense: Heightened Awareness
  •               Color: Indigo
  •               Connected to our intuition, wisdom, and imagination


  •               Located 2 inches about the crown of the head
  •               Element: Thought
  •               Sense: Mastery of all senses
  •               Color: Purple
  •               Connected to our spirituality and connection to the Divine Energy/God/Universe

How can I balance my chakras?

Fortunately, there are many ways to unblock your chakras and to help activate these energy wheels to allow energy to flow in your body and help you live your best life.

Here are some, you can practice yoga, meditation, chanting, mudras, reiki healing and so much more.

Try this Chakras class on Skillshare, the author teaches you how to balance your chakras as well as how to balance other people’s chakras.

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