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5 Tips To Live Your Best Healthy Lifestyle

One reason why diet charts fail so often is that you may feel as if we are depriving us of something and find it hard to maintain a high level of determination for a long phase of time. That is why following these healthy lifestyle tips, will aid in your dieting efforts.

If you change the way you believe about dieting and then simply changing a few patterns and transitioning into better eating habits, you can give yourself a better possibility of reaching your weight and health goals.

Useful Dieting tips:

First think whether you’re actually hungry:

Your tummy is only the size of your fist, so it only takes a handful of food to fill it completely, you don’t need to overstuff it. Appetite is your body’s way of telling you that you require food and energy, so when longing for food doesn’t always come from hunger, eating will never satisfy you.

You may crave for certain food but that doesn’t mean you are hungry. After you are done with your meal or dinner, you should feel good. You should not be too stuffed, bloated, or tired after eating. Keeping your portions levelheaded will facilitate you get more in touch with your feelings of appetite and fullness.

Drink ample amount of water and other calorie-free drinks:

We generally get confused with our thirst and hunger and we end up eating extra calories when you actually need just a cold glass of water or fresh fruit juice to quest your thirst.

If you do not prefer drinking plain water, you can always add citrus or a splash of fresh fruit juice, or make infused teas like peach or mango, which have amazing flavor but no extra calories.

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Avoid Junk food:

If you are a great admirer of chips and you do not wish to cut it down completely then you can definitely, eat in small quantity or you can go for baked chips which will help to minimize the fat intake.

Straight-cut and cheesy chips have less surface area than crinkle-cut and roasted chips which contain less fat. Extra calories and fats are equal to extra taste, but if we want to actually lose weight we have to make some sacrifices.


Try drinking at least one glass of water before your meal or dinner. Avoid drinking water after your meals.

Cut down on chocolates:

If you often find yourself craving for dark chocolate or lolly pop in between meals or after meals try eating a handful of unsalted nuts or almonds instead. If you actually want to cut down on calories, try and mix your own dry fruits which may include nuts, cashew, almonds, raisins, etc, that you don’t necessarily eat from your own.

Although some nuts are quite high in fat content, the fat which these nuts contain is good for our body and it helps you to stay healthy. On the other hand, they are very filling, you will probably end up eating far less total calories compared to what you ate a less healthy alternative.

Now you don’t have to be worried about your weight anymore. You just need to check on your diet and eat healthy and nutritious food. Try to break your meals and eat at regular intervals. This will surely keep a check on your weight and at the same time will keep you healthy and toned.