Yoga For Flexibility

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Learn 5 Yoga Poses For Flexibility

Many people don’t start practicing yoga because they think they are not flexible enough. Gladly, you don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. In fact, you can use yoga for flexibility.

Flexibility Goal

Doing regular yoga is proven to make you more flexible. In addition to many other health benefits. There are a ton of yoga stretches that can help you get more flexible each time you practice.

When you are flexible you can go deeper into your yoga poses. Yoga stretches for flexibility help you prevent injuries. It also prevents backaches after practice.

Having more flexibility can also help you with other sports activity. It’s a benefit even with workouts at the gym. Therefore, a good yoga routine will overall improve your body’s flexibility.

Here Are 5 Yoga Poses For Flexibility

Hold each of the below poses for 40-60 seconds. Make sure you do both sides. Make it a 21-day challenge and record your progress. You will be amazed at what your body can accomplish.

1. Down Dog (Adho mukha svanasana)

Downward Dog is a great pose to stretch your arms, legs, and spine. It also stretches your hamstrings and hips.

Downward Dog

2. Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Forward Fold targets the entire back of your legs. It helps relieve tight hamstrings.

Forward Fold

3. Yogi Squat (Malasana)

Yogi Squat helps elongate your spine. It stretches your leg and feet muscles.

Yogi Squat

4. One-Legged King Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

King pigeon pose is very popular because it stretches your buttocks area and the long muscle in front of your thighs.

King Pigeon Pose

5. Wide-Legged Forward Fold (Prasarita Padottanasana)

This pose is great for stretching your hamstring and for overall relaxing.

Wide-Legged Forward

Don’t worry if at first, you are not flexible. Your body needs time to adjust. Become determined to just stretch a little deeper each day. You will find yourself do yoga poses you never imagined your body could stretch to.

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