How to remove your Abundance blocks by clearing root chakra?

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How to remove your Abundance blocks by clearing root chakra?

The Sanskrit name of this chakra, Muladhara, originates from the words Mula, meaning root & Dhara, meaning support. We can accordingly decipher it by what supports the root.

The root chakra is one of the seven significant chakras of the body, the one is most firmly connected to the issues of abundance, endurance, and wealth.

The energy of this chakra decides how we draw in and disseminate our money and wealth. How we identify with our work and professional issues, and how much conviction, faith, and prosperity we have throughout everyday life.

When the root chakra is balanced and properly aligned, we feel connected to the earth and well-grounded. We have confidence and abundance in terms of health, wealth, and prosperity.  A healthy and strong root chakra creates support and strength for the other six chakras.

Healing and Balancing of Root Chakra

The root chakra or first chakra is found at the base of the spine, between the ovaries in ladies and a little lower, close to the prostate in men. This chakra vibrates at a specific frequency, moving energy back-and-forth through it. This first chakra is straightforwardly associated with an imaginary grounding-cord which streams towards the planet’s center. It helps to drain an individual’s negative energies to earth. It may include his negative emotions, stress, and other emotional issues bothering him. 

When energy flow through root chakra is well aligned, all the nearby organs are properly supported to perform their functions correctly and healthily. You have a sense of safety, and abundance in health, wealth, and prosperity. Your survival intuition is completely working and you can deal with monetary matters easily. If not, there might be trust issues, budgetary issues, and sentiment of instability or doubt.

  1. Be mindful of your root chakra

Staying alert that you have a chakra with energy flow within, will assist you with its possession and purging.

Close your eyes and take your awareness back to your head. Put your hand over your root chakra. Take a couple of moments while inhaling and communicating with the information of energy-flow through this chakra. Have the intention to heal and communicate with this energy center.

  1. Healing your root chakra with affection and love.

Love is a high vibration that is capable of promoting healing. Close your eyes, focus within, and feel the love vibration.

It may be helpful considering a person or a thing you love, however then let go and just proceed to concentrate on the sentiment of adoration experiencing your heart and body. Direct the flow of this love energy towards your root chakra. Let this energy stream from the front towards the back, to promote healing, relief and fixing blockages or problems influences in this chakra.

  1. Chakra clearing with your essence.

With the entirety of your spiritual energy flowing through your chakras, there is no space for another person’s convictions, decisions, and intentions. Close your eyes, look inside, and communicate with your higher self, who is much greater and wiser than your physical or mental body.

At that point center your awareness and focus to your first chakra. Envision yourself, as a spiritual-being, sitting in this energy-center. Notice what’s going on in this chakra, in a position of silence and stillness.

Align yourself with your truth and intention. Your truth is abundance, strengthen this belief. It is your birthright to have abundance and prosperity. At that point focus on what isn’t your truth. Lack of abundance and prosperity is not your truth or reality. Simply acknowledge and replace it with your reality and get rid of it.

Make certain to do this with ease and without any strain and resistance with simplicity, and fun; it will assist you with owning and wash down your root chakra.

In reasonable terms, it’s essential to deal with your endurance needs first. This chakra gives you the vitality to do it, so utilize that energy in the best possible way.

At that point quiet down this chakra by concentrating on your association with the psyche. Take the time every day to connect with your soul and higher consciousness by praying and meditating to seek guidance and support from your higher-self.

Compassion, empathy and, love and, care can direct the flow of overactive energy of root chakra, towards the rest of chakras.