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My First Reiki Experience-What to Expect

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My First Reiki Energy Healing Experience-What to Expect & Side Effects

I want to share with you my first Reiki energy healing experience. And I want to first start out by explaining what it is, then I’m going to share how I even came across this and why I did it and the whole process of how it was done and then what happened afterward. 

Reiki energy healing is pretty much when a practitioner is like a medium a channel to receive life force energy. this kind of energy is coming from God or from earth or from the divine creator and comes through this person and out their hands. Then they hover over you or put their hand on your chakras. 

This energy will go through your body and cleanse you, remove blockages, heal chakras, and remove energy that’s not serving you or negative things like that.

Basically, just to explain how I got to that point, it’s been about a year and a half since I started my whole journey awakening journey, it started with the movie, The Secret.

I got into learning about the law of attraction. I started to listen to speakers like Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Eckhart Tolle, you probably have heard of these guys before too. I started to read the books and just got really interested in how you can create your own reality, how you can attract things into your own experience. I was just fascinated by this whole thing. 

I put a lot of things into practice, I did affirmations, I wrote goals, I meditated. I learned how to meditate, which I love meditating now. It even went as far as some diet changes.

But, what I’m trying to say is that I was doing all these things, and even went through some kind of a but I understand now was a spiritual depression, where I was feeling very down and sad, and my emotions were very up and down.

I felt like I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing, but things weren’t manifesting. I even did a whole career change. I completely stopped doing what I was doing and tried a new career, looking for ways to feel fulfilled and to manifest all these goals that I have. I was feeling a little stuck like something was holding me back. 

So, I came across a video on YouTube, and the video was about this girl whose friend,  is a Reiki healer and she did a healing on her. And then all of a sudden after she got healing, she started manifesting and, got the stuff that she was wanting to come into her life like money, her goals, stuff just started to align after this healing.

I thought… maybe this is what I need. But I’m very skeptical. I really like to look into things before I even jump into it. I decided to look it up. I found a place that did Reiki healing near me. I’m in the state of Georgia. 

This particular place stood out because it had a lot of good reviews and pictures, and it looked nice. And I was like, okay, well, all these people are having a good experience..let me try it out. So, I call my best friend who is a lot more open than me about these things. And she had already had some healing before by someone else, she knew so she was not afraid of any of it and she understood how it all worked.

 I told her about it, she looked the place up, she booked right away and stayed on the phone till I booked because she knew me that I would probably be like, oh, that’s cool. But maybe I wouldn’t do it. 

The booking confirmation instruction said that you had to take a shower with Epsom salt and it was recommended that you drink a lot of water before the session. So,  I took a shower with Epsom salt and did like a clockwise movement, when taking a shower. The next day we get to the place. And the place is like a yoga center, they do yoga there, too. And it felt very peaceful.  You had to take your shoes off at the entrance. So, it feels nice there.

Then the practitioner Reiki healer comes out to greet us and he was everything I imagined he would be. He looked sort of like a monk. And very quiet, he didn’t really say much. And we walked to the back room, where he does his Reiki thing. There’s like a little sitting area and there’s music playing. A picture frame caught my attention with a really nice quote that says, we’re all just walking each other home, which I thought was really nice to see. There was also a massage bed.

So we sit there and he starts asking us questions like why are we looking to do this? I’m very quiet. I’m not sharing much, I’m still kind of feeling things out. But my best friend is sharing because she is really open with that kind of stuff.

He immediately said that he can tell people’s energies and he can tell what chakras are not okay, even by just seeing people because of their body language. He went further to explain that the way I was sitting…I was kind of hunched a little, that my heart chakra was closed, which was not far from the truth. 

My best friend decided to go first. she lays down on the bed tummy first. She’s laying flat.  I stayed in the room, I guess he didn’t say to leave the room. It kind of uncomfortable to stay there. The reiki healer comes over to me,  and he said, uncross your legs, uncross your hands, and just relax. I did as he said because  I didn’t want to mess her up.

I did contemplate leaving the room, but I didn’t. I just decided to close my eyes. I did peek and open my eyes cuz I wanted to see what she was going through, I needed to see what he was doing to her just because I was gonna be next.

I heard a lot of breathing and a lot of hand rubbing. He would make some chanting. After that, it took about 30 minutes, she fell asleep. He then asked her how was she doing and she responded by saying she felt light.  He said great because that’s what you’re supposed to feel, you’re supposed to feel light after this whole thing.

Now It was my turn. I lay there on the massage table tummy first and he starts from my lower chakras and then he ends up on your head and then there was touching. Omg, I thought there wasn’t going to be any touching. So it did take me up so surprised, but very, light touching. His hands were really, really warm, like super warm, like you could feel the heat coming from his hands. And he would do light pressure on the chakras.

Okay, so it wasn’t uncomfortable, there was a lot of thoughts going through my head, I wasn’t completely relaxed, because I’m like that. So, it took me a second to warm up. Once he was done with everything, I didn’t feel light …just relaxed like after a nap.

We sit down, my friend, she’s talking about the experience. About how cool everything was. I’m still kind of quiet about it. But, he looks over to me, and he tells me, I want you to know that I felt loneliness. I felt a lot of loneliness in your heart chakra. I want you to know, you’re free. And that you’re not alone. Just know you’re free. 

When he said that,  that he felt the loneliness, tears started running down my eyes because I’m like, how did he know deep down inside that I was feeling lonely. 

It’s funny because I’m married. I’ve got kids. I’ve got lots of families that love me, friends, also my best friend. I’ve got all these people around me yet, because I was going through this whole journey and I really felt like nobody understood what I was going through, the thoughts that were coming through my head, the thoughts I was trying to answer, like, why are we here? Like, Why am I here? What is my purpose? That kind of conversation not a lot of people understand.

I would find myself feeling just kind of constricted, just holding back a lot of what I was feeling, even though I wanted to express, my journey.

That was really interesting that he could figure all that out. Obviously, he told me that I need a lot more work. 30 minutes is not going to do it, there was a lot of things going on in my emotions and my body. 

So, he sent us home with the instructions not to take out the trash, wash dirty clothes, or touch anything dirty, and drink a lot of water. So, after we left, immediately I got a headache. I had a headache for two days straight. I didn’t touch any garbage, oh he also said don’t take a shower for 24 hours. So, I didn’t. I drank a lot of water, the headache went away. I had some vivid dreams, they were really weird, and I’m not normally a vivid dreamer.

I looked into the side effects of the Reiki healing, and notice these were common.  So I felt better to see that other people had had that same kind of experience after math.