Dahn Yoga

Dahn Yoga


Hearing the word yoga, usually what comes to mind is meditation, flexibility, weight loss, complicated poses and more. Although all of these words point to yoga, forms of it commercialized to people today has just gone to become specific on achieving a target or goal. Justifying common yoga forms, there are the ones that focus on different poses that aim on shedding and toning of the body. Looking at common denominator of yoga types, one can find that practicing helps improvise overall health.


Dahn or Dhanak is a Korean term, wherein Dahn mean energy, vitality and origin of life and originated in Korea back in 20th century. Lee, the founder, believed that energy in his own mind and everyone else’s were connected as a single energy of entire universe. Dahn yoga practitioners reap benefits by simply following basic principles in their yoga and meditation practice, as well in daily lives.

The technique of Dahn yoga is intended towards practitioner’s health through a series of yoga poses that are aimed at developing energy levels in the body, improvising connections between body and mind. What stands apart Dahn yoga is that a typical session starts with exercises called as meridian stretching, unlike some other yoga types wherein the session starts off with breathing exercises and light stretching.


Practicing Dahn yoga helps in relieving stress and living a stress free life is important as it helps increase life expectancy. This is mainly because the techniques involved help mind to connect with body. Breathing techniques further help the body to relax and drive away stress. Dahn yoga practicing helps in improvising overall well being of an individual. Regular practicing enables to stabilize emotionally as well as physically. Moreover, yoga practicing also helps in boosting brain power, allowing one to think critically. Furthermore, Dahn yoga meditation practice helps maintain weight, boost stamina and improvises flexibility.


Dahn yoga practice involves practicing a series of poses. And performing these series of poses confers various physical benefits including improved flexibility, posture, and strength. Moreover, active engagement in these Dahn exercises helps maintaining weight and reduces painful symptoms caused by aging and injuries and headaches too.


Dahn yoga practicing helps in improvising mental health of the practitioners. The followers of this yoga type are found to have reported increased self confidence, greater feelings of empathy and love, enhanced ability to stress handling, creativity and calm. Furthermore, Dahn yoga practicing helps as diagnostic methodology to treat mental illnesses. Practicing yoga has also proved effective on reducing depression and anxiety.


The founder, Lee, developed this yoga series since he was able to connect with purpose in life because he drove others to help find meaning in life. Therefore, practicing this yoga form enhances spiritual health too. Moreover, by striving for enlightenment, one can foster purpose in life, lighten spirit and experience optimism and joy in life.

Dahn and criticism

Dahn yoga has been criticized largely due to some of its teachings. It is believed that some partner associations are cults that promote in Dahn teachings. Although the accusations are denied several most of the times, organization as well as training has been involved in lawsuits involving death of practitioners. Members of this Dahn association are found to claim that occurrence of death is due to over enthusiasm of the yoga practitioners, which was wrongly understood as cult practicing. However, some of the former members of the association are found to have brought light that Dahn organization is essentially characterized by individuality suppression and rote learning, which are condemned by practitioners that are associated with various yoga disciplines across the world. Former employees too have filed lawsuits against this Dahn organization for employment of unfair business practices.