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What is a Kundalini Experience? Unveiling the Mysteries of Your Inner Energy in 2023

Introduction: The Fascination with Inner Energy As more individuals turn toward alternative forms of wellness, the term “Kundalini Experience” is


How Yoga and Natural Remedies Can Boost Your Immune System in 2023

Introduction: The Critical Role of Immunity in Today’s World In the past few years, there has been a surge in


Shilajit Benefits and Anti-Aging Properties

Shilajit Benefits and Anti-Aging Properties Shilajit, also known as “mineral pitch,” is a blackish-brown substance that is found in the

first reiki healing what to expect

My First Reiki Experience-What to Expect

My First Reiki Energy Healing Experience-What to Expect & Side Effects I want to share with you my first Reiki


Fat-Free Spicy Brown Rice and Tomato Soup

Fat-Free Spicy Brown Rice and Tomato Soup Looking to lose extra weight or maybe you would like to eat high


How to remove your Abundance blocks by clearing root chakra?

The Sanskrit name of this chakra, Muladhara, originates from the words Mula, meaning root & Dhara, meaning support. We can


5 Best Poses for Your Morning Yoga Routine

5 Best Poses for Your Morning Yoga Routine It is true that we can be most productive in the morning,


6 Easy Yoga Poses for Toning Your Butt

6 Easy Yoga Poses For Toning Your Butt (Get Results Fast) Yoga is presented as a way to “burn fat


Yoga At Home For Beginners

YOGA AT HOME: HOW TO DO YOGA AT HOME? Practicing yoga at home has undeniable advantages such as free sessions,


What is Jivamukti Yoga?

The Jivamukti yoga poses were developed from Ashtanga and Hatha yoga traditions. It’s was founded by Sharon Gannon and David


Yoga Eye Exercise: Improve Your Vision Naturally

We all are aware of the healing properties of Yoga and how it plays an important role in our overall