Health and Wellness

About Health and wellness:



In humans, it is been observed that person’s mind, body and soul function in similar manner, they are generally meant to be free from sickness, wound or ache. The World Health Organization (WHO) explained health in a wider sense in the year 1946; it states that health is a state of complete physical, psychological, and communal well-being and not just the absence of syndrome or sickness. The preservation and endorsement of health is gained through different mixture of physical, psychological, and social welfare and together they are known as the “health triangle”. Health is a constructive concept emphasizes on social and individual possessions, as well as material capacities.


Facts about Yoga Poses:

Organized activities to stop or heal health problems and endorse high-quality health in humans are offered by health care suppliers. The term “healthy” is also broadly used in the perspective of many types of inorganic organizations and their collision for the profit of humans, such as in the good judgment of hale and hearty communities, healthy towns or healthy surroundings. In addition to health care intercession and a person’s environment, a lot of other circumstances are known to influence the health and wellness of the individuals, including their surroundings, way of life, financial and social conditions; these is also known as “determinants of health and wellness”.

Benefits of Health and Wellness Program:

  • What is a wellness program? Wellness program facts and funds are becoming universal all over the world, but now the question is who do you trust? The country companies all over the place are implementing health and wellness program as want to improve their employee health. There are quite a few benefits of health and wellness program.
  • Wellness Programs are amazing for your waistlines and of course for your companies’ bottom line. In today’s chaotic world, everyone of us are spending more and more time at work, and give very less time on our health.
  • After a long period of time, many corporate and organization have understood the advantages associated for keeping their employees well as it will increase their productivity from reduced absenteeism from job and it will also help to reduce disability claims.

Now let’s talk about the advantage of Health Promotion in the Workplace:

Health promotion in your job is beneficial not only for the company, but for the employee as well. In addition to this, there is a different trickle-down outcome as the advantages are transferred from member of staff to family members as well. Health promotion in you service makes conditions that maintain and educate the best possible healthiness for the worker. This gives workers a sense of possession and they become skilled at work and work together to form a synchronized action to perk up well being.

In this hectic life style it becomes very difficult for us to devote time for our own health. To reduce the problem of ill health, many state governments are taking major steps to endorse different health and wellness programs to improve the health condition of the mankind. Above given information will help you to give an idea.