Health Care

Health Care

Health Care

Man is mainly made up of two parts: an earthly body, and an eternal soul. Our God calls human body a ‘tabernacle’ or a ‘religious place’ since it is the short-term residence of our perpetual spirit, therefore it our sole duty to keep our body healthy and fit. We understand that due to busy life schedule it becomes quite difficult for us to take good care of our own health.

To make your job easy we will discuss few important health care tips:

Regular practice of Yoga:

Yoga’s values of nutrition are equivalent to what current science has revealed in more current times. The essential principle of nourishment, from the yoga’s viewpoint, is to have small quantities of high nutritional foods. The high quality nutritional foods are those, which endorse the life strength of the body without generating toxic elements. The suggested food items are fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, milk, whole grains and nuts.

Red meat:

The basic theories of yoga about nourishment suggest that Red meat should be consumed very cautiously. As all those human being who perform yoga are non vegetarian but they all recommend eating meat in small quantity. Because meat is animal’s flesh and it has toxic elements, particularly lactic acid, which is desecrate manufactured goods of muscle metabolism. We now know that red meat contain calories, cholesterol and other materials that are lethal to our bodies. Therefore the suggestion to eat red meat in control is undoubtedly well taken.


Fruits contain the highest life force and they are very nourishing also so they are considered the best food addition according to yoga. They can be consumed raw or natural and are with no trouble they are digested. It provides a fast and constant source of power with no toxins. It is no doubt the individual who practice yoga favor eating fruit.


Clean and fresh green vegetables must be taken mostly as they are the greatest nutritional products. The individual who practice yoga consider the fresh and green vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli , cabbage and so on, to have the maximum life force of all vegetables.

Fresh and Purified drinking water:

Drinking at least 10 glasses of refined water is very essential for your body to function well. Water helps to wash out all the toxic elements which are present in the body. Make sure that you avoid drinking water after your meals, as it may lead to gain weight. If you are on diet, drink one glass of water before your meal as it will fill your stomach and you will end up eating less.

Regular Exercise:

Other than yoga, you can go for 30 minutes walk in morning as well as in the evening. Walking is the best exercise. It helps to increase your digestion process and increase your immunity. If you want to lose weight you can go for regular jogging for an hour everyday as it will help to increase your stamina and burn your extra calories.

None of us want to stay unhealthy. Everyone us want live a healthy and happy life. Above given few tips and information on health care will help to give you an idea.