Health Issues

Health Issues

Health Issues

Public health issues problems are generally caused by ecological pollution and emerging communicable diseases are growing as a big concern globally. These communal health threats are usually affected by the connection among people and the bodily, compound, and organic nature of our natural surroundings. Population development and the connected pressures of growth are growing the difficulties related with sustaining efficient public wellbeing practices and policies. zoonotic diseases and Vector-borne, water contamination, in the air contaminants, bio-accumulative contaminants in the food chain, and ecological threats to the mankind health.

The world requires marshalling of all our technical facts and knows how to build up new explanation. Considering environmental and biological health is a requirement to protecting communal health. As the Nation’s usual science agency, USGS can cooperate in a major role in providing technical knowledge and information that will perk up our understanding of the ecological contributions to sickness and human health. Health issues occur naturally in the atmosphere where they are many industries located. Every person is out in the open to low levels that generally lead through food, air, drinking water, domestic dust, soil, and other consumer products. On the other hand, ongoing contact to even little amounts may lead to harmful effects on your health condition.

Causes of health issues:


Health issues rises due to the consumption of unhealthy food products. There are many food joints which add lead to foods, many low levels of lead have been found in a different types of food items. Lead was first introduced to food stuff through uptake from mud into plants and in the air lead falling on plant surfaces. In addition to this, lead is also added in foods during transport to marketplace, processing, and domestic preparation including food preparation with water polluted with lead, or from the utilization of lead containing utensils and preservation of food in vessels which has lead for instance lead-glazed pottery food ware or lead sparkler ware. Using lead in food products and utensils may give rise to many abnormal diseases. Therefore it’s been advised to check the food products before consuming it.

Drinking Water:

Water is very essential for our body to function properly. Consuming minimum eight glasses of water is very essential to lead a healthy life. But it’s been observed that people end up drinking contaminated water which is available on road side food stalls. Drinking contaminated water may give rise to many diseases like typhoid, jaundice, viral infection, influenza etc. Make sure you consume boiled or mineral water to avoid these diseases.

Regular exercise:

Regular exercise is very essential to stay fit and healthy. Due to busy life schedule we generally ignore our health due to which many heath issues arise. Make sure you devote few hours for physical exercise or yoga to stay away from health issues. Regular exercise not only tone your body but it also helps to increase your stamina and your immune system. Exercise is very important specially for those people who suffer from joints pains, low stamina level etc.

God has given us one life so it’s our duty to live a happy and healthy life. We can at least take preventive measures to stay away from health related issues. Above given information will surely help you to stay healthy and fit.