Integral Yoga

Integral Yoga



Integral yoga originated in India and was formed based on basis of the Sri Swami Sachidananda’s teachings that further reached to the United States in 1960s. Basically, Integral yoga is a Hatha yoga practice which is gentle and typically these yoga classes include breathing exercises, meditation, kriyas and chanting. The name, Integral yoga, refers to the goal of integrating body, mind and spirit. Intention of the integral yoga remains in providing practitioners with tool to lead a healthy, peaceful and joyous life.


In addition to the physical side, this yoga style emphasizes on spiritual side of yoga. Integral yoga practice features various familiar classic poses that are mainly designed to put through meditative state, focused state, and increase body strength.


The mind cannot be purified unless good thoughts aren’t channelized to heighten mental aspects. Under Integral yoga, psychology and spirituality aren’t different entities. It is believed that there should be complete spiritual synthesis, body and mind to bring a charismatic world. Sun forms as a great source for energy and helps people in activating lives in a competent way. Integral yoga practicing helps in receiving solar energy and increases stamina and endurance levels. Furthermore, practitioners are certain to be able to maintain focus in life and most are found to be trapped in anxiety, frustration and ignorance. Moreover, Integral yoga helps brining spirituality under scrutiny, allowing effective contemplation.

Integral yoga is combination of several methods for bringing about harmonious development of one’s being in various aspects – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Moreover, this yoga form is scientific system, which combines various yoga types in order to fulfill an individual’s potential in wildest sense. Further, it leads to self revelation and self knowledge, wherein there is revelation of ultimate realty. Main goals of Integral yoga practicing includes improvising healthy being, clear and calm mind, refined intellect, powerful will, compassion and realization of inner eternal self. This yoga form mixes various other yoga forms for attaining complete well being.

Practicing yoga


Integral yoga encompasses spiritual as well as physical aspects of yoga practicing. Integrative method combines flow poses for mental, mind and spiritual self. Most of the yoga disciplines are found to be concentrating on breathing techniques, meditation and physical being. However, the yoga form refers to thought process and lifestyle apart from usual yoga components. Furthermore, it aims at achieving divine consciousness and expanding thought process into spirituality integrated life’s way. If one is planning to practice yoga at home then it’s important to incorporate various aspects – physical postures, mental and emotional discipline and right diet.

Time to transformation:

Integral yoga teaches practitioners to change the existing habits and instead delve into solving body-centric problems. Practicing a series of toning and stretching poses, one can rest assured of having achieved a more flexible body.

Eating right:

Practicing Integral yoga promises to regulate complete being and physical poses are only the toppings. In order to achieve added benefits of yoga practicing, it is important to follow a balanced diet coupled with practicing yoga poses. The body is sure to function at its best only if one intakes right type of foods. Eating lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and huts should go great way. Moreover, Integral yoga discourages consumption of alcohol, meat, caffeine and sodas too. An alternative to soda and coffee is drink water.

Think right:

Desires and emotions form vital forces and these should be turned to good use and focus on divine and yoga. Before jump starting to practice yoga, it is important to meditate on these right thoughts. Regular practicing would further ensure natural right thoughts gradually.