Shakti Yoga

Shakti Yoga



The term Shakti has been derived from Sanskrit, which means creative and revolutionary energy. This yoga was developed in order to help motivate individuals to discover unique powers within.

It’s a self adopted mission of bunch of people in order to offer quality, continuous and outstanding instructions so that the practitioners can tap down up to their complete potential. Proponents of Shakti yoga offer safe structures also a supportive learning environment to help face limitations and shift mental perspective further awakening their spirits. Shakti yoga lessons are mostly offered in dynamic, complementary and unique styles.

Understanding Shakti yoga

There is an array of yoga types and specific types are suitable to different people belonging to various age groups, different physical fitness levels and health conditions. No matter which yoga type one practices, the benefits are surely to come. One of the common most recommended yoga types to the beginners is Hatha yoga. The Hatha yoga type is slow paced and including mainly deep breathing, stretching and some meditation. Therefore, practicing this yoga brings relaxation and helps in relieving stress in the practitioner.

Shakti yoga is yet another yoga form that helps in activating nerves and stimulating nervous system. This yoga practice mostly focuses on integration of body, mind and soul. Individuals looking forward to seek wisdom, power, endurance and humility are usually advised to practice Shakti yoga. However, it is important to bring in discipline while practicing the yoga poses, as its arduous practice.

Understanding Maha Shakti yoga

Maha Shakti yoga could be referred to Great Divine Energy, as it’s known to animate being. Therefore, Maha Shakti yoga could be described as dynamic and creative yoga form that lays focus on energy of the moment also the breath rhythm. Moreover, practicing this yoga type also enables the practitioners to get a completely new understanding of the world. A typical Maha Shakti session would include energy locks, inspiration, practicing concentration techniques and ritual gestures, chanting of mantras, practicing breathing techniques, understanding yoga philosophy and relaxation. Practicing yoga the right way could bring an array of health benefits. Therefore, it is important to learn and practicing this yoga form under the guidance of a trained yoga instructor.

Understanding Prana Shakti yoga

Prana Shakti yoga could be described best as a Vinyasa yoga form that basically focuses on balancing of Yin and Yang energies in the body. Moreover, practicing Prana Shakti yoga regularly brings an opportunity to the practitioner to express freely on realization of connection between spiritual, physical and energetic body. It is also believed that the realization builds in the feeling of oneness. Prana Shakti fitness is built on the principles of detailed alignment that allows expression of poses. Practicing this yoga offers an array of health benefits including flexibility, muscle strengthening and endurance, and cardiovascular endurance.


Shakti literally translates as power or energy. Based on the meaning, Shakti yoga could be best described as a practice through which the nervous system is stimulated. Practicing yoga not just activates nerves, but also senses. The entire Shakti yoga is focused on one single point. This further serves as a purpose to integrate mind with spirit and body. However, bringing discipline is must while practicing Shakti yoga.

Yoga center

One can find several yoga centers across the globe and thus, one can opt for the best suitable one. A little search over the web could help locating a center offering Shakti yoga lessons. Referrals from friends and family who have previously taken Shakti yoga lessons could best help choose one. While deciding upon a Shakti yoga center, it is important to ensure that the yoga centers have trained and well experienced yoga trainers and gurus. This will ensure the yoga yoga enthusiasts to have learnt the right way and gain benefits.