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Stressed about going to the gym? Rushing to get a spot in an over crowded Yoga Gym Class? Having to figure out what to wear? Or worse ending up in front of a guy and having to pose downward facing dog? Finally, the solution is to Practice Yoga at Home with a Proven Guided Program and get the same or Better Results with less stress!

We did our Extensive Homework to make it Easy for you to compare which program will best fit your lifestyle. Practice Yoga at Home with the Best Programs and Get a FREE Yoga Matt While supplies last.

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top 3 of the best yoga at home programs

Yoga burn Review

Yoga Burn Program is led by Zoe Bray Cotton who is one of the most recognized Yoga Instructors in the world! This program offers easy to follow step by step course and teaches proper form to obtain the best yoga results. 

What is included

Affordable 3 Phase Program with 15 Different Videos Videos Physical and Digital Download.


  • Made Exclusive For Women
  • Helps Burn Fat & Tone Booty
  • Great for Beginners and Experienced
  • 15 Guided Videos
  • Instant Access to Download
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • No follow up program
  • You will need Yoga Accesories
  • No Subtitles
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Modern Ayurveda is a Yoga Program that goes into a deeper level of Yoga Practice experience. It’s for those who already practice Yoga at home and are looking for a more profound wellness experience. Find Healing & Balance with a combinations of the right diet, spices and a deeper understanding of the 7 Chakras. Also, teaches concept of Awakening.

What is included

3 Video Part Program and  You get a FREE Yoga mat and other Bonuses. 


  • High Quality Content
  • Education
  • Helps Understand Yoga Practice
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Gifts
  • Not Beginner Friendly
  • Physical DVD
  • Only 3 Videos
modern ayurveda
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awake living
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clubbell yoga: action potential Review

Clubbell Yoga Action Potential is for any Yoga Stage. Its a more of an athletic approach to Yoga and improves flexibility, strength and makes your core and arms strong. This program will challenge you with it’s cross training weighted Yoga method.

What is included

6 Different guided classes, each one over 75 minutes of instruction.


  • Facebook Group Available
  • Downloadable Program
  • Discounts Offer For Mini-Clubbells
  • 60 Day Money Back No Questions Asked
  • From Non Yogi to Expert
  • No Physical Product
  • Clubbell Needed
clubbell e yoga and health
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Guided Yoga at Home Programs



Improve your Health, Mood and Balance Your Life


Tone & Loose Weight

Get the toned body you want while practicing Yoga from the comfort of your very own home

Practice Yoga at Home and Find Your Inner Strength