Yoga Food



Yoga has been classically divided into eight parts and each aspect has been interconnected that leads to highest state of awareness. First two aspects are known as Niyamas and Yamas. Five Yamas are universal principles that are to be practiced in thought, deed and word. The Niyamas include contentment, austerity, self study, purity and surrender to God. It is quite interesting to explore that how all these are powerful perceptions for leading a healthy lifestyle that interface with journey into raw lifestyle. These Niyamas and Yamas can form supportive foundation for transition of vegetarian foods and raw foods.


Yoga diet is a balanced diet and its influence is not limited to physical well being, but extended to spiritual as well as emotional being. Yoga food is also popularly known as lacto vegetarian diet, meaning foodstuff prepared from non-animal foods with exception of dairy products and honey. With the increasing awareness throughout the body, vegetarian foods are certain to come as natural choice. Furthermore, it can help maintain energy level, feeling light that is possible due to practice of yoga. In case, one is more spiritual then one may decide upon their love for every living being outweighing one’s requirement for animal foods. Furthermore, vegetarian foods help attain higher levels of spirituality that further brings positive energy. In order to follow this lacto vegetarian diet, one need not turn into a yogi. All that is required to follow this diet is great desire to lead a happier and healthier life.

Most think that switching diet is quite difficult, but the fact is that it’s not impossible either. One need not cut down on eating non vegetarian foods all at once. One can gradually reduce the consumption and finally stop at some point of time. For instance start to reduce consumption of fish and meat then proceed to cut down on red meat. Gradually cut down on meat completely and as one starts enjoying the vegetarian foods, intake of fish and poultry too could be cut down easily. Consuming right type of food is important in order to achieve a balance between body and mind. Practicing yoga alone cannot achieve these benefits to the extent if not combined with right yoga food.

Yogic literature states, food that are beneficial to the body are referred to as Satvic, pure. Such pure yoga food makes it ideal for keeping one’s body nourished. Moreover, these foodstuffs are also easy to digest. Furthermore, they help create new levels of energy, clear and calm mind, which further help using of spiritual, mental and physical abilities to the fullest. Such a diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds, lentils, rice, grains, nuts, milk, butter and honey. Foodstuffs that can possibly upset the physical as well as emotional well being are called as Tamasic (stale) or Rajastic (stimulating). Consuming such stale or stimulating foods in excess leads to conditions like agitation, restlessness and distraction. Usually foods belonging to this category are pungent or sour like fish, eggs, onions, garlic, spicy or salty and the beverages include coffee, black tea and alcohol.

In order to eat right yoga food, one can kick start by including more and more fresh fruits and vegetables. As cooking vegetables destroys the contained vitamins, it is best to consume raw. Raw foods include maximum amounts of fiber that aids metabolic functioning. Including lot of water remains the key to healthy being, body as well as mind. It is best to keep away from any junk or processed foodstuffs. Following this yoga diet may seem a difficult. One may not be able to follow this strictly, but even application of some parts will definitely help enhance well being. One is certain to benefit from improvised results from yoga practice. Eat a healthy yoga diet and balance life.