Yoga History



Yoga is a sacred practice that was developed in India about 7,000 years ago. In ancient times, the longing for greater personal liberty, health, long life, and self-understanding gave rise to this system of physical and psychological work out which has spread throughout the world.


The early writings on yoga were emblazoned on the delicate palm leaves that can be easily spoiled, destroyed or misplaced. The Yoga also finds its place in the scriptures of the Upanishads and Vedas. The ancient saints initially performed the India’s early Vedic religion, which stressed mainly on rituals. But as the time advances, these saints desire for a spiritual experience and not symbolic practice.

History of Yoga

No one knows exactly when Yoga was founded, but it undoubtedly predates written history. Stone depicting figures in Yoga asana have been found in archeological sites in the Indus Valley civilization dating back 7,000 years. There is a general delusion that Yoga is rooted in Hindu culture on the contrary, Hindu religion structures has evolved much later and integrated some of the practices of Yoga. Other religions other than Hinduism throughout the world have also included practices and ideas related to Yoga.

The tradition of Yoga has always been passed on from trainers to student through verbal teaching and practical display. The official methods that are now known as Yoga are therefore, based on the combined experiences of many individuals over hundreds of years. This particular manner in which the methods are taught and practiced today depending on the approach passed down in the line of trainers supporting the person practitioner.

Vedic Period

The continuation of the Vedas marks this era. The Vedas is the holy scripture of Brahmans that is the basis of current day Hinduism. It is a set of hymns which admire a divine power. The Vedas contains the oldest known Yogic knowledge and teachings found in the Vedas known as Vedic Yoga. This is characterized by customs and ceremonies that struggle to beat the limitations of the mentality.

During this period, the Vedic people depended on saints or dedicated Vedic Yogis to train them how to live in godly harmony. Saints were also gifted with the skill to see the final reality through their serious religious practice. It was also during this period that saints living in isolation were recorded.

Yoga is one the best form of exercise, which is been practiced since ages. People are getting benefited by yoga. Now you can stay fit as well as lose weight at the same time without any side effects. Above given information on Yoga history will give you an idea about what yoga is all about.