Yoga Positions



A lot of people all over the world have been practicing yoga in order to stay healthy and look stunning. Yoga gives you that sense of peace and harmony. It also allows your body to get in its best shape. Those who have a problem with their weight can check out different yoga techniques in order to lose weight naturally and build strong muscles.


The benefits of yoga are widespread. Not only does yoga change the physical aspect of the body, it also influences the mind and soul as well. The belly has become one of the most challenging areas in health and for good reason. The belly is usually the place we first look to gauge our own, or somebody else fitness and health. Yoga workout can help greatly in the lessening of belly fat and fat content in the body. There are numerous yoga positions which help in decreasing the belly fat with the bends and the elongations workout in yoga.

A few important yoga asanas like Cobra pose, Cat Cow Pose and Boat Pose help in the decreasing belly fat to a large extent. It enhances the capability to breathe correctly and the Surya Namaskar helps to offer exercise for the entire body and helps the belly to be free of the extra fat while shaping the body on the other hand, Surya Namaskar helps to massage your spine and also help to make your limbs more flexible. It helps to offer the desired tone of the body and lose calories which is being deposited near the belly region.

Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana

The cobra pose is one of the best yoga stomach exercises. It’s simple for anyone practicing and is a great way to decrease belly fat. Used in combination with other yoga asana, the cobra pose can be very useful. However, it should be avoided by those who have a stiff or rigid back.

How to practice:

    • First you need to lay straight on the floor on your belly. Place your hands on the floor near the pectoral muscles.
    • Now place your hands with palms down beneath the shoulders. Breathe slowly and keep your navel to the ground, slowly lift your chest and head facing upwards. Stretch your body as much as you can.
    • Now try to rest for a few seconds, and then repeat the exercise at least 3 times.

Benefits Bhujangasana asana:

Bhujangasana offers several benefits and like other yoga belly exercises, is best for the core abdominal muscles and decreasing belly fat. It also helps to tone the liver, ovaries, uterus, relieves menstrual problems, gastric problems, constipation and back aches caused by over physical exertion.

Yoga is like a savior in our life. It makes people stay healthy and happy without any side effects. What else can give us more than this? So, without wasting your time start practicing yoga now and stay beautiful.