Yoga practice

yoga practice

Yoga practice

In midst of the modern world that is characterized by fatigue, stress, and pollution, more and more are found to be seeking an alternative to achieve inward awareness and relaxation.

Hailing from ancient tradition originated in India, yoga has been transporting practitioners to a restful and peaceful oasis within. Although originally yoga was associated with beliefs, texts and values, it is also found to offering an array of benefits to the people in the world today. An increasing number of people are found to have turned to yoga lately due to the range of benefits it has to offer the practitioners.

Benefits of yoga practice

Yoga practice helps in relaxing and rejuvenating body as well as mind. Even in midst of stressful environment, yoga practicing can clear the mind and control breathing, leaving individuals with restored energy levels. Furthermore, yoga can also help in normalizing the bodily weight. With right amounts of yoga practicing, individuals can achieve desired weight, whether looking to lose weight or even gain weight. Incorporating principles of balance and the moderation in the physical activities, also diet can all lead to healthier lifestyle.

Yoga practicing also improvises resistance against diseases. Practicing various yoga poses help improvising blood circulation, enhanced functioning of internal organs and thus, lessening the chances of any illness attacking. Further, yoga practice helps increasing productivity and replenishes body and mind and restores energy to respond to daily challenges and daily tasks. Meditation, one of the major aspects of yoga, helps focus mind. This clearing off the clutter in mind and distractions of materialistic world, thus, leading to happiness.

Practice on a daily

Including yoga routine in daily life isn’t easy and excuses could prevent one from creating habitual yoga routine. However, there are several ways that one can apply to ensure yoga become a daily routine that is both beneficial and enjoyable, and moreover fits into one’s life instead of feeling like a burden.

Setting a time – Once one has decided upon taking up yoga seriously, it is important to set aside regular time for practicing yoga. Especially, if you are new to yoga then it is ideal to practice on a daily. One can plan to practice thrice a week and then gradually increase to practicing daily. Making yoga a part of life will bring a bag full of health benefits – body, mind and soul.

Be Kind – it is important to take it slowly and listen to ‘stop’ when body shouts out loud. Do not push too hard that would just hurt and even the take away the essence of fun during the practice. Starting with easy poses and gradually increasing the practice time as well as difficult levels is ideal.

Regular and not rigorous – It’s best to practice regularly instead of pushing the body to rigorous practice on irregular basis. Practice the poses that one can do and enjoy. First practice these and then move further to learning those difficult poses.

Prepare, prepare, prepare – Part and partial of comfort factor of yoga would be derived from preparations. Ensuring comfortable clothing is important, leaving ribcage and abdominal areas free for expansion. Furthermore, be handy with a sticky mat and cushions for support. It is also important to practice yoga on empty stomach.

Study every pose – Yoga practicing can help improvise overall health, improvise resistance strength and develop awareness. However, getting the yoga poses right requires adequate knowledge about the pose as well as execution. One can seek for information online, books, DVDs or even seek a yoga instructor.

Rest – Resting in between the poses is important as it gives time for reflection and body a break from the exercise. It is important to keep all moments slow and calm breathing.